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People always say that parenthood can feel isolating, and I never really believed it was true until I experienced it. I had people around me that supported me, sure. But I never felt like I fit into a community and I always felt I had to work hard to reconnect with people or find different ways to connect with new ones.

I am a firm believer that pregnant people don’t need constant time alone, they need to feel supported. We don’t have “better things to do” than talk with our friends or family. Everyone needs to feel connected and supported, that shouldn’t change when there's a baby in the picture.

As a dad, joining this community has given me a safe space to ask questions, give advice, to see other parents' tips and so much more. I finally feel like I am a part of something and I am enjoying being able to connect with so many people going through the same unique experiences. I am grateful I found this platform and even more grateful for the Community it has built.

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