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Provider Education Series

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It's happening tonight at 6 PM EST! ⁠

It's not too late to get your free entry into this event. ⁠👏🏻⁠

This webinar will be focused on helping allied healthcare providers and birth workers learn how to create a community within their practice, create deeper connections with clients, and create a better overall client experience.⁠

To get your free tickets to our upcoming events, register here >>>


Finding Clients For My Practice with Tara Bruley, owner of modern birth co

November 29th @ 6 PM EST

Building A Community Feel Within Your Practice with Erin Kasungu & Christine Crook, owners of Rooted Family Wellness Centre

Treehouse Team
Emily Kingdom
Nov 15, 2022

Thank you Treehouse! Looking forward to attending.

I registered for the first event - please share the links for #2 and #3 when available!


@Tara Bruley, owner of modern birth co, will be leading the first webinar in our FREE Provider Education Series. Learn the strategies that she used to grow her business, create an engaged audience on social media and build relationships to attract new clients.

Our new webinar series, Provider Education, aims to help providers optimize their workflows, grow their clientele and take their businesses to the next level.

Join us November 29th @ 6 PM EST. Reserve your spot!

Treehouse Team


Welcome to this Provider Education Group! We will be sharing...


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