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Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian

Sarah Kendell

Provider at Sarah Kendell RD



Sarah Kendell RD is an online private practice, in Ontario, that provides nutrition counselling for improving your relationship with food. Specializing in eating disorders, chronic dieting, binge eating, + disordered eating.

Supporting adults (18 years and up) virtually across Ontario using a trauma-informed, intuitive eating, weight-inclusive approach.

Personalized guidance + support for:
• a non-diet approach to food + body image healing
• rebuilding your eating + body image confidence
• creating a routine of eating that feels accessible, nourishing, peaceful, + flexible
• learning strategies for negative thoughts + emotions, so you're not always coping with food
• a sustainable eating recovery plan + accountability + support


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Services Offered

1:1 Consultations, Health & Fitness

Care Settings

Online Services

Credentials & Training

Registered Dietitian (RD)

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Address: Windsor , Ontario


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