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First Time Mums

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Jache Windover
November 3, 2023 · changed the group description.

Hey mamas, welcome to our first-time mom group! ✨🤰🏾👶🏼

I'm so thrilled to have a space where we can come together and share our experiences as new moms. It's a place where we can chat about the joys, the sleepless nights (trust me, I know how that feels!), and all the adorable baby moments. We're here to lend a helping hand, swap tips on baby gear, and just be there for one another, 'cause let's face it, nobody gets the mommy journey quite like we do.

So, if you've got a question, a funny story, or just need a little mom-to-mom connection, you're in the right place. Let's build a network of support, share in each other's triumphs and challenges, and celebrate the beautiful mess that is motherhood together. Welcome, fellow mamas! 💕👶🍼

Treehouse Team
July 18, 2023 · joined the group.
Treehouse Team
July 18, 2023 · changed the group description.

A community group dedicated to celebrating and supporting the incredible individuals who consider themselves the Mom in their families. 🎉

This space is specifically designed to provide inspiring and informative content from experts we partner with. They share their wisdom, offering valuable advice and insights across various aspects of parenthood. From nurturing your child's development to self-care and beyond, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and support you need to thrive in your role as a mom. 💫

But this group is about more than just content. We deeply value your thoughts, experiences, and perspectives. Your voice matters! We encourage you to actively engage, sharing your own insights and opinions on the approaches presented. This group is a place where your unique experiences and wisdom are celebrated.

Together, we'll build a close-knit community where we listen, learn, and grow alongside one another. We believe in the strength and power of collective wisdom, and through thoughtful discussions and connections, we can refine our community to better serve your needs as a mom. 💚


    Hey mamas, welcome to our first-time mom group! ✨🤰🏾👶🏼 I'...
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