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Build An Engaged Audience For Your Practice

‍Not sure how to boost engagement on your Instagram page?

Healthcare providers working on their strategy to build an engaged audience on social media

In today's digital age, cultivating a strong online presence is vital for healthcare providers, especially on platforms like Instagram. Building an engaged audience goes beyond merely sharing updates; it's about creating a connection that resonates with your community. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore 7 proven strategies tailored for family healthcare practices looking to thrive on Instagram.

1. Show Yourself

Introducing yourself may be one of the first things that you do on your page which is a great first step! As you begin to build your audience you may want to reintroduce yourself on a consistent basis every 2-3 months. As you grow and push out more content, new followers may not scroll down to the very beginning of your page, hence they will not see your initial introduction post. Re-telling your story and mission is a fantastic way for new followers to learn who you are and what you are all about. If you haven't yet introduced yourself, we highly recommend it so your audience can get a better idea of who you are and create familiarity.

Secret Equation for Success: Familiarity = Trust! Trust = More Followers!

2. Personal Stories Build Engaged Audiences

The time of a one-sentence caption is no more. To really optimize your posts for engagement, you are going to want to make each caption a mini blog! Having a larger caption will give you a better chance of being seen by more users and will allow the Instagram algorithm to pick up on the keywords you have included. Sharing stories and real experiences with your audience can create more engagement. People who have experienced similar situations are more likely to engage with the post, comment with their own stories, and in the best case, share it with their followers! Your stories will help build brand, trust and legitimacy, plus your audience will get to see more of your personality.

3. Highlights On Your Page

Instagram highlights are an excellent way for you to showcase some of your content. Create an “About” highlight where you can share more information/fast facts about you and your practice. (You can piggyback off of point #1). Other ideas for highlights include services, testimonials, client stories, and FAQS.

4. Post Content That YOU Would Read

If you would read it/engage with it/share it, other people with similar interests would too! It’s always a good idea to keep this in the back of your mind while creating content for your page because if you wouldn’t want to engage with it… no one else would either. Another tip when creating compelling content is to be authentic. No one is perfect, and no one's business is perfect. We are all just trying to do our best and it’s okay to share the good, the bad, and the ugly… we are only human. Examples of content for your practice could include photos of happy clients, testimonials, your workspace, and helpful tips/educational information. P.S. Don’t forget to share some of your posts, along with resharing content, in your story!

5. Make Your Stories Mean Something

Stories help keep your existing audience engaged! Try optimizing the posts/reels you share in your stories by adding text (i.e. your thoughts on the post), polls, question boxes and even quizzes. You can make your stories really tactical and use them to gather information from your audience. You can ask questions like: “What day of the week would you most likely attend a webinar?”, “How often do you struggle with breastfeeding?”, “Do you or someone you know struggle with postpartum?”, or “Do you prefer reading posts or watching reels?”. All this information can help inform how you craft your next amazing post!

6. Show Your Audience What You Do

We aren’t saying that you have to become a vlogger and walk around with your camera recording all day. Instead, take short videos/photos throughout the day or even the week to post. This will give your audience a sense of your work style, services you provide, and a brief overview of what the overall experience of working with you would be like. It is a great way to showcase your clients (remember to get permission before sharing) and highlight some of the services and care you offer.

7. Have Fun With Reels

As we know, Instagram favours reels over pretty much everything else. If you have not started creating reels, we highly recommend it! It is a sure fire-way to increase your reach and get more people exposed to your brand. Ideally, the best reels grab the viewers' attention within the first 3 seconds and are 8-10 seconds in length – although there is nothing wrong with having reels that are longer!

Using trending sounds is another strategy to increase visibility. If you are not comfortable with being on camera, you can still make reels! There are plenty of stock video sites that allow you to use their videos to make the impact and noise you are looking to generate. You can also just film content that doesn’t include people in it and turn it into something that relates to your business.

Tip: Look for sounds that are about to go viral, it will display an increasing arrow next to the sound name. Try to also find sounds that have less than 10K reels created so you can ensure that you aren't getting lost in the crowd.

By implementing these 7 strategies, family healthcare practices can not only boost engagement on Instagram but also create a genuine and compelling narrative that fosters trust and connection within the online community. Stay authentic, stay engaged, and watch your Instagram presence flourish.

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